Hey there, I'm Bryan DeLoach.

I love drawing story and I love drawing it with life.

I provide B&W Shooting Boards to full Color Advertising Boards. I also provide a range of other illustrative needs, including Identity Design, Promotional Illustration & Concept Design.

I've worked on hundreds of commercials, dozens of music videos, short films, & some features. I've worked on multiple Super Bowl spots as well as Golden Globe winning shows. 


Feel free to contact me for rates or just to talk about your project.

(310) 804 6499



Some of my recent clients/projects:

Apple, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Target, Disney, Nike, Puma, Hyundai, Snapple, Jack In The Box, Pokemon, Arco, Nissan, Miller Lite, Dole, Skinny Cow, Butterfinger, SweetTarts, Netflix, OurTime, Microsoft Surface, Broadband Choice, NFL, Disney Parks, Crocs, Samsung, BGO Casinos, L&M, Camel, Invokana, Living Social, Statefarm, Now U, Froot Loops